Zero Waste Abroad

I haven’t posted anything in a while – I just started a new job and I’m SO busy.

So in lieu of a full post for the last couple weeks (other than the zero waste blogger giveaway!) I decided to reflect upon all the zero waste shopping I’ve found while traveling and post the pictures. The biggest hurdle to going zero waste in Boston (and most other places in America!) is the lack of options for package free food.  And so many blog posts I’ve read lately written by other bloggers talk about their frustrations with the same thing.  But in some of the places I’ve travelled to there are options galore! So here’s a little picture diary of what I’ve found abroad, aka can I move back to Europe ASAP:

Most recently, Toronto (so many bulk stores!)  

Italy (so many markets EVERYWHERE in Italy. Lots of food markets year round in almost every city I went to, which was a lot of them) this is in Palermo

Paris, lots of food markets, but of course looking back I only took pictures of the baked goods 


Munich, lots of outdoor markets with a big variety of things


And my personal favorite for year round markets, Budapest! I was there in the middle of January and I’ve never seen so many food markets in my life.   

      Ugly kiwis!        I still dream about the dried strawberries and the best table of all. Ignore the styrofoam cups.

I’ve never been anywhere in the UK other than Cork, but so many zero waste bloggers are from there so it’s probably easier there as well!

Searching for food markets is one of my favorite things when I travel, and it will be even more fun now that I’ve switched into a zero waste lifestyle and seeing how it can be done in other places!

Look around next time you’re traveling to a new place!


3 thoughts on “Zero Waste Abroad

  1. I’m so jealous of the zero waste options in Europe. I’ve just started on my zero waste journey (especially in terms of food waste, I’ve been minimizing in other aspects of life for quite some time which leads to a lot less waste) and I wish I had that many bulk options where I live. Love the pictures!


  2. I’d love to visit some of those markets! I’ve been staying in Japan for a year and am also finding it really difficult to find package-free foods… I think it will be much easier when I get back to the UK.

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