Homemade Jam!


In my backyard there is a mulberry tree and for some reason this year it has decided to fruit more than it EVER HAS and drop millions of delicious berries all over the lawn.  Aside from it being a Snow White -esqe wildlife paradise back there with all the animals coming to eat the berries, it was a sweet opportunity to actually use the berries that we get!

Here’s how I made jam!

I collected the berries by putting tarps and sheets down below the tree and then shaking the tree until enough had dropped down

 The ripe berries are the ones that look like blackberries and when they are ripe they fall off the branch easily

Then I collected them into bowls:

After this we sorted through them to get the best ripest biggest berries and got about 8 cups

Then we washed and de stemmed all of them (pinched the stems off with our nails aka I will have red fingers forever)

Then we put all of them in a big pot with a cup of water and boiled for 10 ish minutes (I didn’t measure) while smooshing them with a potato masher

After they look cooked and broken up, I added 1.5 cups of sugar and a half packet of pectin and let that boil for what I wanted to be a minute but was probably another 5-8 minutes, and then left the pot to cool

Then we spooned the jam into 4oz Mason jars and put the ones we wanted to eat soon in the fridge and the rest in the freezer! It set really well! It’s definitely not a jelly type of jam but it’s not runny at all.  And it’s SUPER DELICIOUS! I’ll post a pic of a finished jar I forgot to take pictures throughout the cooking process.  These are supposed to last up to two weeks but I’m sure it’ll last longer than that. And I’m assuming about a year in the freezer is the most you would want to keep it.

This is a totally zero waste recipe (except for the paper pectin packet) and as local as is humanly possible and it’s so delicious and yummy! I’ve impressed my family they were really skeptical they didn’t even think you could eat mulberries until this year.  There are still so many berries yet to ripen and I’ve already made 2 batches of 10 jars each so if you’re in the Boston area and want homemade mulberry jam please come take it!!

Yay backyard foraging!

Happy jam making!!


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