I have not blogged in months and I am the worst!!!

I had a very busy summer working doing neat research on salt marshes, and I was trying to see my friends a lot and go on adventures, becauuuuuuse I just moved to Colorado!

I now live in Denver, which is what has been occupying me since mid-august. IT’S AMAZING HERE. I’m so happy I moved here it’s so incredible and beautiful.  The city is really awesome with a ton of sweet restaurants and bars and the mountains are so close! I’ve been here for a little over a month and I’ve already done more incredible hikes than I usually do all season.  I’m in love!  I do miss my friends, family and the ocean though. Also it’s sunny and beautiful here every single day and I love it. Also no humidity.

The best thing about Colorado is that this area (mostly Boulder but in Denver too) is super into being environmental.  Boulder has mandatory curbside composting, the city has a whole zero waste initiative which is super successful! It’s awesome to see places taking such initiative!  Denver is not to that level but it’s also a much larger city.  There is a composting pilot program but it is only in certain areas and only for single family homes, so it doesn’t apply to me :(.

However, strange fact.  I was told that there is a law in colorado that you are not allowed to bring your own containers to get food at the grocery store (and maybe also out at restaurants).  I can’t find anywhere online the actual written law which I would really like to read to figure out how I can get around it.  But apparently it was passed because a bunch of people got sick from using their own containers.  This is all what I’ve been told so I’m not sure about all the details but it sucks!!! (p.s. doesn’t apply to cloth bags at bulk stores yay).  I wanted to try it out and the grocery stores I’ve been to have no problem with me using them for honey or peanut butter but I havent tried getting meat or cheese in my own container yet.  This is a crappy law! I feel bad for the people who got sick but they probably should have washed their containers better! I shouldn’t be forced by law to pollute! Still on the search for the information about the law, will update you if I find it? Does anyone have any ideas where I can find such information??

This is the worlds most random post with a whole bunch of random information, I will be posting MUCH more in the next few weeks with real blog posts with real content. Just felt like I needed to bridge the gap!! Excited to get started again! I’ve made lots of sweet zero waste strides I’m excited to share!

I’m also thinking of starting an instagram for the blog. Yas?



One thought on “I’M BACK

  1. nice blog. I was denied using a gas mason jar at the Pearl st. whole foods for a green juice but Alfalfas let me us one. Go figure. Keep up the good work


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