Zero Waste Takeout – Indian Food!

Take out is a HUGE source of waste. It’s always in styrofoam or plasic clamshells and usually that piece of trash is also wrapped in a plastic bag. It’s pretty heinous.  However, this is probably one of the hardest things to get people to stop doing, because take out = laziness.  I’ll be the first to admit that chinese delivery is literally the greatest thing on a snowy night but I’ve changed my ways!

The only things I ever get for takeout anymore is indian food and pizza. Pizza always comes in just the box so I tear it up into pieces and compost it. But indian food generally comes in so much plastic! So NOW, (and I’ve done this at countless places and they’re always okay with it) I just bring my own containers! Which rules out delivery but it’s honestly not that much of a hassle to just go to the restaurant and order at the counter and wait. It rarely takes more than 10 minutes. Usually only 5.  BUT, before I took my regular sized weck jars to get indian because they were about the size of the containers they usually give you for takeout, and I would bring one for rice and one for the vegetarian meal I was getting, and they wrap the naan in foil.

Breakthrough: last night I didn’t have any clean weck jars so we just brought our empty glass tupperware containers, two of our large size tupperwares, like basically 7 x 5 ish size ones. And they were big but I just assumed they measured out how much they gave each person so it was fine. WRONG. THEY LITERALLY FILL UP THE ENTIRE CONTAINER.

AMAZING REVELATION. I HAVE SO MUCH INDIAN FOOD NOW. I actually have enough for most of this week’s dinners.

P.s. when you get indian take out they always give you those spicy cracker things and the plastic containers of chutney. I always ask that they don’t give those to me, because I usually don’t eat it anyways!

I feel like I should feel like I’m stealing from them but they didn’t seem to care, soooooo pro-tip you get absurd amounts of indian food if you bring your own large containers. You didn’t hear it from me…

I’ve used my own containers to get takeout almost everywhere – burrito places, etc, and people are always very willing so don’t be afraid to ask! It helps if you sound confident and explain that you’re trying to eliminate your plastic use.

Happy eating!


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