Homemade Burts Bees Style Lip Balm


I have done something awesome.

I ran out of my last tube of Burts bees and in consequence my lips died a sad slow death in super dry Colorado.

 So I made some of my own!
The ingredients I used are:

Beeswax: I found unpackaged small 1 oz blocks of beeswax at Natural Grocers in Denver. They run for $1.19 each, and idk how much it normally runs for but for me that’s a steal


Shea butter:  I get this in bulk at Zero Market in Denver. I’m pretty sure it’s the unrefined kind.

 Coconut oil:  I buy this in a glass jar, organic and unrefined, from Sprouts
Vitamin E oil:  I bought this from Whole foods, it’s in a little glass jar

Peppermint oil:  I bought this from Zero Market in bulk as well

Chapstick tubes: the yellow one was my last Burts bees tube, the blue one was a really old blistex tube I found in my hiking backpack (both of which I cleaned out with the little brush I have to clean my stainless steel straws!), the little tin was a lip balm I bought from Zero Market that didn’t work for me (so I emptied it and reused the container), and for the leftovers I used a small Mason jar.

RECIPE: I adjusted this from multiple recipes I found online

3 tbsp Shea butter 

3 tbsp beeswax

3 tbsp coconut oil

20 drops vitamin E oil

40ish drops peppermint essential oil (you can definitely use more if you want)


1.  I grated one of the little bars of beeswax, I needed about 5/6 of the bar


I compressed the beeswax in the spoon like you would with brown sugar, to make sure I had enough in there

2. Added the beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil to a glass bowl

3. Placed glass bowl over a pot with hot water (I tried to keep the temp lower so I wouldn’t melt the Shea butter too quickly, I heard that’s bad?)

4. Stirred it with a wooden spoon until it melted, this took a couple minutes, especially to melt the beeswax

5.  Took the bowl off the pot, let it sit for a minute to slightly cool, then added the vitamin E and the peppermint essential oils and mixed it with the wooden spoon (wooden spoon is important here because I’ve heard metal doesn’t react well with essential oils)

6. Poured the mixture into a liquid measuring cup (made pouring a lot easier!)

7. Poured the mixture into the two tubes, the little tin, and a small mason jar (which is my extra to remelt and refill the tubes when they run out again), and microwaved the bowl and measuring cup to get the dried Chapstick off the sides and into the Mason jar.

8.  Put the 4 items in the fridge, I read somewhere that if you let Shea butter harden fast it doesn’t become grainy, and mine didn’t! I have no idea whether this was due to the fridge, but it also sped up the time it took to harden.

9. Take the old labels off the tubes to make them look nice

And it actually turned out amazing! The texture is great, it’s hard enough (this is a harder Chapstick I don’t like the soft ones and I assumed homemade lip balms with coconut oil would be soft- this one feels like a true Burts bees). It is pepperminty when you put it on, though not as pepperminty as the original, I think next time I’ll add more peppermint oil! My lips already feel so much better and I am so excited at how well it turned out. So far a lot of my zero waste recipes I’ve found have been disappointing (still working on the toothpaste…I struggle with weird tastes) but I am happy to report that this one worked out great and I am very pleased! And it was super easy. It took me probably 15 minutes to make and pour everything. However, cleanup sucked. Sorry to say it but that was the part that took the most time! Pro tip: Heat everything to super hot again to get the beeswax off. Once I did that it was easy to clean!

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know your thoughts, especially if you try it!

P.s. Sorry my pictures are not very nice. iPhone in low light = sad


4 thoughts on “Homemade Burts Bees Style Lip Balm

  1. This is great, glad to have a recipe from someone who has already done the experimenting! I love my Burt’s Bees and I was sad that I’m almost out, but this looks like a great zero waste alternative!

    Liked by 1 person

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