24 year old future scientist, interested in clean oceans and living a sustainable, plastic free life!

A couple years into my environmental degree, I watched No Impact Man and it sparked an interest in reducing my waste and impact on the earth.  I had already stopped eating meat and fish after learning all about the food industry in my first year (that was a shocker, why don’t they teach this stuff in high school?).  I spent the last couple of years focusing on marine biology which showed me the impact of our waste on the oceans, and it frustrates me that not much is being done to prevent this.  I think the only way to prevent plastic from getting into our oceans is to stop it at the source – by trying to not purchase and dispose of any plastic.

After reading every single zero waste blog I could find I was inspired to start actually trying this myself.  It really comes as a shock when you think of yourself as an environmentalist your whole life and then realize that you are not living like one at all. So I’m making a change! However, I am on a mission to try to find the easiest ways to go zero waste, since I believe that is the only way to get most people (especially lazy americans) on board. So, I am not a perfect zero waster.  My goal is to do the best that I can while living as close to “normal” as possible with as little inconvenience as I can manage. So if that sounds up your alley, read on!

I currently live in Denver, but a lot of my posts are about back home in Boston, MA. Hope you enjoy following along my adventures through the mountains trying to rid the world of disposable plastics.

Save the fish!


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